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Métaphormose(s) - 2007

Métaphormose(s) Métaphormose(s)

Métaphormose(s) transposes the bestial, marvelous and disturbing image of the metamorphosis (from Ovidius to Kafka, from science to fiction, from Dr. Jekyll to Mr Hyde) through movement, sound, and light.
But the work is about the metamorphosis not only of the body, but also of space, time, and of their perception.
In a chaotic space, a laboratory of fortune where light and sound are produced by everyday objects, a dancer and a musician are simultaneously the subjects of a study, the enactors and the observers of successive transmutations.

Production : Cie épiderme
Coproductions : Théâtre de Création – Grenoble,
Le Pacifique | CDC – Grenoble
The Compagnie Epiderme is supported by the City of Grenoble, as well as the Isère General Council, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs of Rhône-Alpes



Choreography and dance : Nicolas Hubert
Composition and interpretation : Camille Perrin
Sound and light control : Elodie Llinares
Administration, production and diffusion : Le Bada / Bénédicte Goinard
Duration : 1h